• Western Regional Button Association, #buttonlovers on livery buttons

    Tom Skovronsky, the author of the book just published on CD/DVD, kindly helped me identify this cool button!



    Dum Spiro Spero is a livery motto meaning ‘while I breathe, I hope’.

    Somehow it reminds me of a depressed state of mind, looking down hard, but still breathing in and out…


    I found this button at the Denver NBS.

    As a web volunteer for WRBA (Western Regional Button Association) we have been adding buttons to its Button Album, an online educational library for button collectors.  The neat thing about this Button Album is that it’s always growing, can be linked for education, can be revised and improved, all without the (fun but distracting) buzzing noise of the social network platforms such as facebook.  It’s built with learning in mind, for button collectors.  You don’t need to be a member to view all of the buttons and information in the WRBA Button Album, but…


    WRBA members can login to comment on specific buttons shown in the Button Album.  In the next coming weeks, more buttons related to the upcoming WRBA newsletter November issue articles will be added, so stay tuned!


    If you become a new WRBA member now, you will receive this last issue of 2016 Nov newsletter, in addition to your 2017 membership.



    I’m looking towards formulating the Button Album so all WRBA members will be able to show and tell her own buttons and educational links there, but for now, we are growing slowly, one step at a time.  Hope you like what you see.  I’ll send a few more notes introducing the pioneer contributors who helped us get started. Let me know what you think!

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