• Button Aerogramme: Jeopardy quiz

    This company registered the Equestrian Knight logo in 1901.  It contains the word “Prorsum”, meaning forwards. In 1914, the company was commissioned by the War Office to adapt its officer’s coats to suit the conditions of warfare.  The result was the “trench coat”.

    Can you guess the company? Find the answer and the button on the Button Album.

    Thank you to Ronnie Kauk for her many recent button contributions to WRBA!
    The information she provides encompasses the modern history of fashion,
    designers, all told through the buttons. I had fun thumbing through her two
    volume books, finding related photos, videos and articles to bring you
    interactive button fun on WRBA! Ronnie is a new member of WRBA, in support of our
    Button Album project!

    from the company’s Women’s New Collection