WRBA Awards List 2017

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Div I

1. Cls 6-0 + 11-0, 20 Large. Specialized to 10 Black glass assorted and 10 Shell assorted. Label class number for the black glass, but need not mount in order. Please label back marks, OMEs, DF, and other things of interest. Ronnie Wexler $15-10-5.
2. Cl 7-0, Lg. Clear and colored glass assorted. President’s award $25 -15 -10
3. Cl 10-5.6, Various. Steel cups. In memory of Kathy F. Harriett Brittenham and Idell Mulhern $25 -15 -10
4. Cl 17-0, 35 Mixed, Animals specialized to black glass with lusters assorted. Santa Clara Valley BC $15-10-5.
5. Cl 20-0, 24 M/L, Other Pictorials specialized to metal. $8-5-2 Awards Chair
6. Cl 20-1, Various. Specialized to architectural structures. Scenes are okay if structure is prominent. $8-5-2 Washington State Button Society
7. Cls 24-5 + 24-7, 20 Any size. Specialized to ten 18th C Metals assorted and ten 18th C Pearl/shell . Please label back marks, OMEs, DF, and other things of interest. Ronnie Wexler $25-15-10.

Div IV

8. Cl 2-1, 6 Any size. Buckles specialized to oriental subjects. Santa Clara Valley BC $15-10-5.
9. Cl 6-1.2, Five sets of 2 plus 15 single studs. Studs with rigid posts. Try for different materials and subject matter. $8-5-2 Judy Schwenk

Div IX

10. Cls 1-0 through 15-5, 15 Any size. Spell out BUTTONOPOLY GAME. Identify noun representing each letter. Any number of studios but winner will have the least studios. Label each studio with the letter S. Vickie Roberts $5-3-2
11. Cls 1-0 through 15-5, 24 Any size. MEASLES! Buttons with dots on surface. No limit on realistics. Dots can be part of the button or on an item represented on the button. Vickie Roberts $5-3-2
12. Cls 1-0 through 15-5, Small. Nouns spelling out: SURE DO LOVE WESTERN REGIONAL BUTTON ASSOCIATION! Label noun and have fun. $5-3-2 Joy Journeay
13. Cl 6-1, Small. Black glass specialized to dull and shiny finish on the same button. $5-3-2 Joy Journeay
14. Cls 6-3 + 6-5, Small. Specialized to black glass with goldstone, any amount. $5-3-2 Joy Journeay
15. Cls 6-3.3 + 6-3.8 + 6-3.9 + 6-3.10 + 6-3.11, Small. Seven each of the following: foil embedded, moonglow, paperweight, tile type plus 14 overlay. $5-3-2 Joy Journeay
16. Cl 6-4.2, Small. Black glass lusters assorted. Try for variety of colors and combinations, including washes. Check out the WRBA website for a worksheet on Class 6-4.2. $5-3-2 Joy Journeay
17. Cl 6-4.2.3, Small. Black glass with silver luster. $5-3-2 Joy Journeay
18. Cl 6-6.4, Small. Black glass impressed surface design specialized to 10 triad patterns, 20 tetrad patterns, 8 radial patterns of free choice plus one from each of the pictorial sections. $5-3-2 Joy Journeay
19. Cl 6-6.7, Small. Black glass lacy/lacy-like surface designs. No OME. $5-3-2 Joy Journeay
20. Cl 6-6.7, Medium. Black glass lacy/lacy-like surface designs specialized to silver luster. No credit for OME. $5-3-2 Joy Journeay
21. Cl 6-6.8, Small. Black glass, openwork surface designs. $5-3-2 Joy Journeay
22. Cl 7-0 Small. Clear and colored glass. $10-7-3 Trisha Price
23. Cl 7-0, Small. Glass assorted specialized to all tints, shades and hues of the color blue. $5-3-2 Joy Journeay
24. Cl 10-13.5 25 any size. Twinkles, twinkles on the border are acceptable. $10-7-3 Trisha Price
25. Cl 11-0, Small. Shell assorted specialized to sew-throughs. Look for OME, DF, pierced, different numbers of holes, mechanical make up, etc. Arizona State Button Society. $10-6-4.
26. Cl 15-1, 25 Any size. Bone specialized to antler only; use as many techniques as possible. Barb Johnson $10-7-3.
27. Cl 16-4, Small. Materials summary. $5-3-2 Joy Journeay
28. Cl 17-5.1, 25 Any size. Domestic cats. Emphasis on number of cats and activities. Humans allowed. $8-5-2 Judy Schwenk
29. Cl 17-5.5, 25 Any size. Elephants in a “natural state”. People may be present; no elephants wearing clothing or in cartoons. $8-5-2 Judy Schwenk
30. Cls 18-11 + 20-17, 25 Any size. Pastimes/games/sports and related equipment. Try for balance between classes. Santa Clara Valley BC $15-10-5
31. Cls 18-12 + 20-18, 25 Any size. Specialized to unlisted objects used for playing/having fun and people assorted engaged in play. No need to balance classes. Label game, hobby, pastime, sport, etc. Gil Biggie $10-6-4
32. Cl 20-18, 25 Any size. Specialized to people assorted engaged in a job or occupation. Label the work activity. Example: A jockey on a horse is an occupation; a fox hunter is not. Gil Biggie $10-6-4
33. Cl 20-22.1.1, 25 Any size. Sailing ships. Sails and/or masts should be present. May have auxiliary power such as side wheels, etc. Div II allowed. $8-5-2 Judy Schwenk
34. Cl 21-3, Large. Pictorial summary. Div II allowed. $5-3-2 Joy Journeay
35. Cl 21-5, Small. Pictorial summary. Div II allowed. $5-3-2 Joy Journeay
36. Cl 21-5, Small. Pictorial summary specialized to metal buttons. Div II allowed. $5-3-2 Joy Journeay
37. Cl 25-9 plus Div II, Cls 1-1 + 2-0, Medium. Dogs, foxes and rabbits on sporting, hunt club and uniform buttons. Both divisions must be represented. $8-5-2 Judy Schwenk