• 7-4.2 Stratified, Swirlback

    This little old button showed up when our button club talked about “cobalt blue” glass buttons. It looked like a paperweight, but it is not, because it does not have the decorative “set-up”. (See below the glossary definition of the “set-up” in the paperweight.)
    It is, instead, a “stratified” white button!

    Its color is classified as white by NBS, because the color of a glass button is “judged by the base/back of the button”.

    7-4.2–Coronet/color stratified. Div I. A top “crowns” a base, typically of a different
    color. More substantial than overlay, it includes buttons with separately molded pieces of
    glass joined with heat (fused), as well as those with distinct color layers molded as a single unit. []

    7-4.13–Paperweight. Div. I. Made by fusing together a base, set-up and a cap (threepart) or a set-up and cap (two-part). The set-up is independently made, decorative in
    nature, and may appear on top of the base, “float” or form the base. The shank area or
    base determines the color and opacity or transparency. []

    National Button Society Blue Book (NBS member resource)

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