• Batty about Bats

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    Why I am batty about bats

    We are surrounded by woods where we live.  One would think that in that environment we would have a lot of mosquitos … and one would be correct.  We have, however, a bat living in the arch at the front entry to our house.  The bat eats all of our mosquitos and some of our neighbors’ mosquitos as well.  The only downfall (literally) is that when the bat returns after its feeding frenzy in the evening, we have a lot of bat droppings on our front porch the next morning.  Still, I’d rather sweep up mosquitos in this form than have no bat and have lots of mosquitos inhibiting our ability to enjoy the outdoors!

    Scientists have discovered that
    some small bats can catch up to 1,000 or more small insects in a
    single hour. A nursing mother bat eats the most – sometimes
    catching more than 4,000 insects in a night.

    Bats are inside the arch.

    Inside the arch, circled in red pen. We know, because of the bat droppings on the ground underneath…

    cone shank


    by Ann Dittmar

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