• Designer Button? Oleg Cassini

    NBS has updated its 25-3 Designer Buttons class, adding new sub-classes under it.  Do these buttons fit under the class by virtue of being on this Oleg Cassini jacket?

    Oleg Cassini was well known as a fashion designer for Jacqueline Kennedy while she was First Lady of the United States.

    Let’s look at the buttons on a jacket bearing the label. Do they qualify under the class 25-3? The answer is unfortunately a no, and here’s why.

    • the buttons are machine-made (not handcrafted).
    • they do not bear the logo or the brand mark.
    • mass-produced buttons may have been made available for multiple garment brand manufacturers.

    The fact that the garment bears the designer label is not a positive indication that the buttons on that garment qualify under 25-3.

    See p.71 of Designer Logo Buttons by Veronica Kauk to see the button bearing the Oleg Cassini logo, and the button bearing its name.  Those buttons do qualify under 25-3 subclasses.

    John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy with Frecnh Culture Minister André Malraux. White House photo. Category:White House

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