• Gymnast on Still Rings

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    A pictorial black glass button featuring the 19th Century rings performer. This button was on the Blue Ribbon winning tray of the award #182, “clowns, acrobats, dancers, musicians and other circus and non-circus performers” in the 2022 NBS Button Competition.

    The sport traces its roots to ancient Greece, where men performed physical exercises in spaces known, fittingly enough, as gymnasiums. The name of the sport itself is derived from the Greek word gymnazein, meaning “to exercise naked.” As alluded to by this definition, most activities, including running, tumbling floor exercises, weight lifting and swimming, were undertaken while unclothed.

    – “A History of Gymnastics, From Ancient Greece to Tokyo 2020”
    Smithsonian Magazine

    Rings is one of the 6 male gymnasts’ events (floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and horizontal bar).

    Note flowers flying in the air, tossed affectionately by the audience in appreciation of the outstanding performance!

    The time honored technique and social tradition of audience members tossing flowers on stage to express their love, gratitude and appreciation to performing artists is unique in the arts. It is perhaps the most public and visible way of saying thanks to an artist for a superb performance.

    from “The Art of Flower Tossing” – The Hunt Magazine

    Button contributed by Ann Dittmar



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