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    When it comes to radiants the stick candy is the one of hardest to locate and the most expensive to buy. A small stick candy was first offered to me at $1250.00 which I just couldn’t bring myself to buy. Many months later another one was offered to me at $750.00. Well after thinking it over, I determined I had saved $500.00 and bought it after hoping to buy one for years.

    Many years late in Paris, Illinois I bought $15.00 pint jar of buttons where I could see several Division I buttons. One of the last buttons to come out was this very tiny glass button measuring a diminutive size that I recognized as a radiant because it had dab on the back side. I put it with other prized radiants. A year so later I pulled it out to add to a diminutive tray and then realize the canes were twisted. Oh my God it’s a stick candy radiant in diminutive size. I had never seen one before or since. Diminutive in radiants are few. So on rare occasions bargains can be found. -Carolyn Boes

    Contributors: Deb Chrowl

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