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The Western Regional Button Association (“WRBA”) was formed to further the fellowship of those who share a love of buttons and to add to our button knowledge. Not only do we love learning about buttons, we are also collectors, historians, crafters, artists … and so much more.
Are you interested in the world of buttons? Fiberart and craft projects? Jewelry making? Want to meet other people with similar interests?
WRBA publishes a newsletter to share button articles, including button photographs, work sheets, etc. WRBA also hosts a Button Show & Sale every two years, offering educational presentations as well as a button sales event.

Come and check out a button meeting listed on our event calendar. Attend button shows to explore the diversity of the button world. Bring your own buttons to show or ask questions.


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WRBA membership is for the calendar year, January through December. We hope you will join us in this glorious pursuit of button knowledge!   If you join mid year after some newsletter issues have been sent to members, the previous newsletter issues will be sent to you via email in PDF format.  If you join in October or thereafter, your new membership is credited to the upcoming year, and the December newsletter will also be sent to you, but not past issues. If you wish to receive those past issues and the upcoming year, just join for the current year with a notation that you wish the membership to be for all the issues of the current year instead of for the coming year.

2020 WRBA Button Show

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