This list was created by Joy Journeay.

(MILITARY) SHOULDER-BELT PLATES AND BUTTONS. Greenhill Books. 1956.   ISBN 978-0947898656 Hardcover. 352 pages. This book is an attempt to record some of the many changes in the design of the shoulder-belt plates and buttons worn by the British Regular Army, but does not include the badges and designs which have been shown only on standards and colors. Uniform, British Parkyn, Major H. G.
10 BUTTON BOOK. Workman Publishing Co. 1999. Board book. 22 pages. Little kids love to count. Little kids love counting books, too. And little kids also love manipulatives- tactile objects disguised as educational tools that are pleasing to the touch and a joy to play with. Now add them together, and the result is the all-but irresistible 10 Button Book. Fiction, Youth Acorsi, Wiliam
1954 PRICE LIST OF MILITARY BUTTONS. 1954. 0 Pricing Parker, Charles K.
50 HEIRLOOM BUTTONS TO MAKE. Taunton Press. 1996 ISBN: 1-561581461 Paperback. 128 pages. Create from this gallery of decorative fabric, needle lace, crochet, ribbon, and braid closures. This extensive collection of beautiful buttons and closures can easily be made without special equipment. Includes delicate needle lace buttons, elegant frog closures, Victorian crocheted buttons, braid, fabric, ribbon buttons, and more. Creative Nehring, Nancy
75 YEARS DEVOTED TO BUTTONS. B. Blumenthal & Co. NYC NY. 1952. 0 Manufacture Blumenthal, B.
A BUTTONMAT FOR BEAUTIFUL BUTTONS. 1969. ISBN: 978-0897969222 Hardcover. Bingo Bunny creates the first buttonmat in order to make the job of beautifying buttons easier for Mr. B Fiction, Youth Reiss, Elayne & Friedman, Rita
A CARNIVAL OF IRIDESCENT LUSTER BUTTONS, BOOK II. Stillhouse Hollow Publishers; Temple TX. 1992. Spiral bound. 139 pages. Glass, Black Clark, Ruth Miller
A CARNIVAL OF IRIDESCENT LUSTER BUTTONS, BOOK III. Stillhouse Hollow Publishers; Temple TX. 1992. 0 Glass, Black Clark, Ruth Miller
A CARNIVAL OF IRIDESCENT LUSTER BUTTONS. Stillhouse Hollow Publishers; Temple TX. 1986 Spiral bound. 147 pages. Hand drawings great for identifying black glass and iridescent buttons. Glass, Black Clark, Ruth Miller
A CENTURY OF CAMPAIGN BUTTONS. 1789-1889. University of Michigan. 1959.   ASIN B0007DRUS0 Hardcover. 420 pages. A descriptive list of medalets, tokens, buttons, ferrotypes, and other lapel devices relating to the national political campaigns in the United States from 1789 to 1889 Example pieces are illustrated. A “must have” reference for collectors of pre-1892 items. Usage DeWitt, J. Doyle
A COLLECTOR’S GUIDE TO FRENCH MILITARY BUTTONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION 1775 TO 1783. Author published. 1998. ISBN 978-0966045406 Hardcover. 73 pages. Uniform, French Hurley, Marian L.
A COLLECTOR’S GUIDE TO PEASANT SILVER BUTTONS. Lulu Enterprises UK Ltd. 2007. ISBN: 978-1847998507 Paperback. 186 pages. An Illustrated Guide to Three Centuries of Souvenir and Peasant Silver Buttons from Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Peasant silver buttons are the kind that are worn with traditional costume. Identification and dating. 600 different peasant and souvenir buttons, detailed images of backs, patterns, conostruction. List of silver marks, with line drawings and close-up photos. Metals, Silver Perry, Jane
A DICTIONARY OF COSTUME AND FASHION: HISTORIC AND MODERN. (Unabridged Dover Books republication of The Fashion Dictionary. ISBN: 0486402940 Hardcover. 434 pages. Mary Picken wrote 96 books on needlework, sewing and textile arts. Costume Picken, Mary
A DICTIONARY OF ENGLISH COSTUME 900-1900. A&C Black Pub. Ltd. 1960. ISBN: 978-0713603705 Hardcover. 289 pages. Costume Cunnington, C.W. & P.R.
A HANDBOOK OF POPULAR ANTIQUES. Bonanza Books. 1946. ASIN B0023X65TW Hardcover. 244 pages. Collectors of antiques will enjoy the over 200 photos of items collectible in the 1940’s. Collecting McClinton, Katherine Morrison
A REFERENCE BOOK ON STUDIO BUTTONS MAKERS. Author published. Arro Press, Wilmington MA. 1997. ASIN B0006QVUD4 Spiral bound. 125 pages. Broad research across the US, uncovering 243 button artists. Color images of sample buttons, listing by name/state, and artists by button material. Studio Buttons Leslie, Jane S.
ABOUT BUTTONS, A COLLECTOR’S GUIDE 150 A.D. TO THE PRESENT.   Schiffer Publishing Ltd., Atglen PA. 1994. ISBN 978-0887405556 Hardcover. 320 pages. The book presents over 10,000 buttons of all imaginable materials from 150 AD to the present in full color and relates their history and development around the world Buttons, Historic Osborne, Peggy Ann
ALL ABOUT BUTTONS 1762-1980, A BIBLIOGRAPHY. J.F.Adams. 1981. ASIN: B007FBPG74 Paperback. A descriptive and annotated bibliography of publications containing information about the making, wearing, and collecting of buttons Collecting Adams, Jane Ford
ALL BECAUSE OF A BUTTON–FOLKLORE, FACT AND FICTION. St. Johann Press. 2000. ISBN 978-1878282200 Hardcover. 213 pages. Buttons have been made out of blood, insects, gold-filled teeth, milk, beer and tiger’s toenails? Fascinating facts about buttons, button people, and button collecting. Collecting, Misc. Lockie, Ellaraine
ALL IN A NUTSHELL: THE STORY OF THE VEGETABLE IVORY NUT. Keystone Comedy MS; Petrified Forest, Flora MS. 1983. ASIN B00072YNJK Paperback. 41 pages. Vegetable Ivory Schabilion, Shirl
American Artifacts of Personal Adornment 1680 – 1820 an long section on buttons in chapter three.  Rowman & Littlefield Publishers  2005 Personal Adornment 1680 – 1820 Carolyn White
AMERICAN MILITARY BUTTON MAKERS & DEALERS: THEIR BACKMARKS & DATES.   1996. Revised in 2006. 189 pages. 2006 edition is enlarged, with more information and more pictures. Uniform, US McGuinn, William F. & Bazelon, Bruce S.
ANTIQUE AND COLLECTIBLE BUTTONS–IDENTIFICATION AND VALUES.   Collector Books, Paducah KY. 1997   ISBN 978-0891457114 Hardcover, 168 pages. Thousands of buttons are featured in over 300 color plates, representing the vast variety available. Collecting Wisniewski, Debra J.
ANTIQUE AND COLLECTIBLE BUTTONS–IDENTIFICATION AND VALUES. VOLUME 2.   Collector Books, Paducah KY. 2001. ISBN: 978-1574322422 Hardcover, 254 pages. Thousands of buttons are featured in over 400 color photographs. No repeats from the first book. Complete descriptions, dates, and current values. This unique button book showcases all types of materials such as glass, enamel, brass, plastic, rhinestone, wood, and shell, as well as the amazing pictorials of birds, dogs, cats, insects, people, mythology, and more. Collecting Wisniewski, Debra J.
ANTIQUE BUTTONS–THEIR HISTORY & HOW TO COLLECT THEM. Drake Publishers Inc. NYC NY. 1972. ISBN 9780877492351 128 pages. Collecting Peacock, Primrose
BABINGTON’S BUTTONS. 1973. Catalog and price list for Kate Greenaway and flower fairy designs in watch crystal buttons, scrimshaw and ivory carvings, and original jasperware buttons and plaques as crafted by Babington; short history of the button. Buttons, Studios Babington, Edna M., Editor
BACKMARK CODES FOR “TRANSPORTATION BUTTONS.” Author published. Madison NJ. 1987. ASIN B00072N1RA 0 Usage, Transportation VanCourt, Donald P.
BACKS OF BUTTONS. GE Adams, Glocester RI. 1946 42 page booklet. Backs Adams, George Elbert and Brown, Dorothy Foster
BAILEY’S HUNTING DIRECTORY. Derrydale Press. 2000. A new volume is published each year. Describes hunt uniforms and illustrates hunt buttons for the UK, Ireland, America, the Commonwealth and Europe. The most useful book dealing with hunt buttons. Usage, Hunt White-Spunner, Barney
BAUBLES, BUTTONS AND BEADS. THE HERITAGE OF BOHEMIA. Schiffer Publishing Ltd. 1997. ISBN 978-0887404672 Paperback. 176 pages. For 500 years, the world’s greatest makers of costume jewelry have hidden, anonymous, in the heart of Europe: Gablonz, Bohemia. This groundbreaking, beautiful book exposes the jewels, craftsmanship, technological development, and history of Bohemia. Almost 400 gorgeous color photographs Glass Jargstof, Sibylle
BEADS BUTTONS AND BOWS: EASY-TO-MAKE PROJECTS TO GIVE AND TREASURE. Book Sales. 1997. ISBN: 978-0785807933 Hardcover. creative ideas for using embellishments on your clothes and in your home. decorate everything from vests, bags, and hats to picture frames, greetings cards, tassels, tiebacks, and trimmings. Creative Moody, Jo
BEAUTIFUL BUTTON JEWELRY. Sterling/Chapelle. 2006. ISBN: 978-1402726446 Hardcover. 144 pages. Not a beginner level. Many buttons showcased–great illustrations of a number of projects. . Creative Davis, Susan
BEAUTIFUL BUTTON JEWELRY: 60 EASY HEIRLOOM TREASURES. Lark Crafts. 2010. ISBN 978-1600595592 Paperback. 144 pages. Turn vintage-style buttons into gorgeous jewelry. The sophisticated and elegant projects use metal, black glass, pearl, bakelite, and celluloid. A little history and anecdotal description of each style. Creative Davis, Susan
BIG BOOK OF BUTTONS. New Leaf Publishers, Sedgwick ME (reprinted). 1991 ISBN: 978-0962904608 800+ pages. This book, considered the premier reference work on collectible buttons, has been out of print for several years and is somewhat difficult to find. Buttons Hughes, Elizabeth & Lester, Marion
BLACK GLASS BUTTONS, RETURN ENGAGEMENT OF. University Lithoprinters, Ypsilanti MI. 1952 Hardcopy. 144 pages. Drawings by Herbert Cassidy and photography by Wesley Goodale. Glass, Black Smith, Caroline & Fuoss, Edith E.
BLACK GLASS BUTTONS. National Button Society. 2015. ISBN 978 0996375405 Spiral bound. 64 pages. This handbook is a pictorial guide to help button collectors identify and categorize black glass buttons according to the National Button Society Classification. A short history of black glass is included to put the centuries between the discovery of glass and the creation of black glass buttons in perspective. Glass, Black Lindsay, Joan & Kincaid, Simone
BLACK GLASS BUTTONS. Reprint. 1952 0 Glass, Black Smith, Caroline & Fuoss, Edith
BLACK GLASS BUTTONS. Univeristy Lithoprinters, Ypsilanti MI. 1945, 1948. 144 pages. Glass, Black Jones, Nora Owen & Fuoss, Edith
BLUE’S BUTTONS (BLUE’S CLUES). Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon. 2000.   ISBN 978-0689833793 Board book. 20 pages. The book uses buttons to give us hints at what the buttons are trying to reveal, and it great fun for the kids to guess. The buttons form ice cream cones, meatballs, and pig’s snouts (among other things). Youth, 2-4 years Johnson, Traci Paige
BOTONES ESPANOLES DE UNIFORME. Ministero de Difensa. Spain. 1999. ISBN: 8478326856 SPANISH. Uniform, Spanish Larranaga, Ramon Guiano & Camino del Olmo, Miguel Angel
BOUTONS. Boutons Paris Editions de l’Amateur. 1984. ISBN: 978-2859170356 FRENCH. Hardcover. 199 pages. Buttons Gandouet, Therese
BOUTONS. Seuil, Paris. 2001.   ISBN 978-2702847091 FRENCH. Button Exhibit Allio, Loic & de Givenche, Hubert
BRASS ROOTS–SCOVILL MANUFACURING COMPANY. 1952. 0 Manufacture Scoville Manufacturing Co.
BRENDA’S BUTTONS. Waldman. 1991. ASIN B0006RPWHS Hardcover. 27 pages. Children’s book. Brenda Bear finds creative uses for her large button collection and makes peace with her sister Betty after Betty announces that the collection has gotten out of hand. Fiction, Youth McGill, Marci
BRIDAL ROSETTES–TWO CENTURIES OF EQUINE ADORNMENT. Schiffer. 2011. ISBN 978-0764338595 Hardcover. 256 pages. Bridle rosettes– often imbued with family, political, or social symbols. Over 10,000 different varieties were produced between c. 1850 and 1930. In over 800 vivid color photos. Bridal Rosettes Sage, E. Helene
BRITISH BUTTONS: CIVILIAN UNIFORM BUTTONS, 19TH–20TH CENTURY. Greenlight Publishing. 2001. ISBN: 978-1897738047 Paperback. 92 pages. Reference work for identification of button finds. It contains 375 button examples reproduced in colour, including Livery and Royal Court buttons as well as General issues; there is a chapter on Button Making. No hunt club buttons. Usage, British Blair, Dennis G.
BRITISH FIRE SERVICE CAP BADGES AND BUTTONS: 1947-73. Author published. 1989.   ISBN 978-0951093214 Paperback. 176 pages. Usage, Fire Akers, Michael A.
BRITISH FIRE SERVICE CAP BADGES AND BUTTONS: 1974-85. Author published. 1985.   ISBN 9780951093207 Paperback. 100 pages. Usage, Fire Akers, Michael A.
BRITISH HALLMARKS. The Assay Office Birmingham. 1975. 0 Metals, Silver Birmingham Assay Office
BUCKLES 1250-1800, including price guide. Buckles are the largest category of medieval and post medieval dress accessory to survive. Common and rare, plain and decorated buckles.   Manufacture, Single Looped Buckles,   Integral Plates, Clasp Fasteners, Annulars, Shapes, Asymmetrical Buckles, Two Piece Buckles, Buckles as Jewelry. Buckles Whitehead, Ros
BUFF FACINGS AND GILT BUTTONS: STAFF AND HEADQUARTERS Operations in the army of Northern Virginia, 1861-1865. University of South Carolina Press. 1998. 0 Uniform, US Civil War Bartholomees, James Boone
BUTTON BIBLIOGRAPHY OF OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. Welcome to the Historic Button Research Site, your information gateway for research, teaching, and learning. Feel free to contact me for your research and classroom needs.       Leta Hendricks Resources Ohio State University
BUTTON BUTTON, WHO’S GOT THE BUTTON: 101 BUTTON GAMES. Floris Books. 1995. ISBN: 978-086 Paperback. 88 pages. Buttons are easy to find, fun to collect, and they can provide the family with lots of games to play. The author takes a light-hearted look at a hundred and one games from the very easy to the more challenging. They range from simple guessing games, games using boards or table-tops, to games of imagination, wit and creativity. Creative, Youth Bucken, Hajo
BUTTON CLASSICS. Lightener Publishing Col, Chicago IL. 1941 Hardcover. 250 pages. Iidentifies, describes and appraises buttons from all periods up to the first World War, from 1750-1915. 108 plates of button illustrations, 4 in full color. 25 chapters covering every classification. Buttons, Historic Couse, Erwina L. & Maple, Marguerite
BUTTON COLLECTING AND CRAFTING. Lothrop, Lee & Shephard Co. NYC NY. 1976. ISBN 978-0688417420 Hardcover. 96 pages. A guide to collecting, displaying, and making buttons and using them to decorate toys, jewelry, clothing, and other items. Creative Newsome, Arden J.
BUTTON COLLECTING. Chicago. 1939. The FIRST book written about button collecting. Collecting Crummett, Polly deSteiguer
BUTTON COLLECTING. Lightner Pub. Co. Chicago. 1939. ASIN: B00085MLM2 Hardcover. 157 pages. Button manufacture, use on costumes, and collectible types. Collecting Crummett, Polly deSteiguer, Olson, Nichols & Albert
BUTTON COLLECTOR’S JOURNAL. ASIN: B0006AP7SY1941. Hardcover. 111 pages. Black and white illustrations. At the, the entire book is scanned on the website.;view=1up;seq=124 Collecting Albert, Lillian Smith
BUTTON COLLECTOR’S SECOND JOURNAL. Cook Printers, Yardley PA. 1941. 0 Collecting Albert, Lillian Smith
BUTTON GARDENS AND DIMINIUTIVE ARRANGEMENTS. Button Garden Studio. Second Printing. 1952. B00EMT3ETE Hardcover. Creative Casebolt, Florence
BUTTON GARDENS AND HOW TO MAKE THEM. 1945 BOOKLET Creative Casebolt, Florence Waye
BUTTON GUIDE BOOK No. 1: THEIR MANUFACTURE, USE ON COSTUMES, AND COLLECTIBLE TYPES. Century House. 1969. 0 Buttons, Historic Crummett, Polly deSteiguer
BUTTON GUIDE BOOK No. 2: A PRICE GUIDE MAINLY FOR BUTTONS DESCRIBED IN OTHER BOOKS AND COLLECTIBLE TYPES. Century House. 1972. ISBN: 978- Pricing Crummett, Polly deSteiguer (Olson, Nichols & Albert Crummett)
BUTTON HANDBOOK. Four volume set. First volume: Comparative Values and Serial Numbers. Art Craft of Ithica. 1943. Hardcover. 128 pages. Comparative values, checklist of about 1150 buttons including 36 collector’s items in full color plates, a plate of Wedgewood in blue, transfers in pink, and halftone plates, enamels classified by Grace Ford, paper weights by Blanche Pendleton, and toles by Agnes Le Sasscier, each button has its distinct serial number. Supplements 50, 79, 83 pages. Buttons, Historic Zacharie, Florence & Nicholls, Ellis
BUTTON HANDBOOK. New Leaf Publishers, Sedgwick ME. 1994 Reprinted. A well-illustrated reference guide to button collecting, with updated supplements released subsequently covering more material. Buttons, Historic Zacharie, Florence
BUTTON HANDBOOK. Supplement I. Art Craft of Ithica. 1944. Hardcover. 32 pages. A well-illustrated reference guide to button collecting, with updated supplements released subsequently covering more material. Buttons, Historic Zacharie, Florence & Nicholls, Ellis
BUTTON HANDBOOK. Supplement II and Index. Art Craft of Ithica. 1945. Hardcover. 51 pages. A well-illustrated reference guide to button collecting, with updated supplements released subsequently covering more material. Buttons, Historic Zacharie, Florence & Nicholls, Ellis
BUTTON HANDBOOK. Supplement III. Art Craft of Ithica. 1949. Hardcover. 79 pages. A well-illustrated reference guide to button collecting, with updated supplements released subsequently covering more material. Buttons, Historic Zacharie, Florence & Nicholls, Ellis
BUTTON HERITAGE (Revised). Faulkner Printing. 1976. ASIN: B001KURG60 Hardcover. 247 pages. This book has been compiled chiefly for the help of the “beginning collector” who has had so much difficulty in obtaining a satisfactory reference book.” Numerous photographic plates of buttons, arranged thematically. Buttons, Historic Miner, Minerva & Chamberlain, Erwina Couse
BUTTON HERITAGE. Faulkner Faulkner Printing, Sherburne NY. 1976 (Revised from 1967.) ASIN: B001KURG60 Hardcover. 247 pages. This book has been compiled chiefly for the help of the “beginning collector” who has had so much difficulty in obtaining a satisfactory reference book.” Numerous photographic plates of buttons, arranged thematically, Collecting Chamberlin, Erwina & Miner, Minerva
BUTTON IT UP: 80 AMAZING VINTAGE BUTTON PROJECTS FOR NECKLACES, BRACELETS, EMBELLISHMENTS, HOUSEWARES, AND MORE. Taunton Press. 2009.   ISBN: 978-1600850738 Paperback. 176 pages.   80 fashionable projects including bold and beautiful pendants, rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, earrings,   button hair clips, button wine glass charms, button wreaths, button-embellished T-shirts. Creative Beal, Susan
BUTTON JEWELLERY (TWENTY TO MAKE). Search Press. 2011. ISBN 978-1844486540 Paperback. 48 pages. Using all kinds of buttons and simple techniques. Clear advice on tools & materials, step by step instructions and detailed photographs, and diagrams facilitate beginning crafters. Creative Mercer, Marrianne
BUTTON JEWELRY & ACCESSORIES: 22 UNIQUE PROJECTS. Creative Publishing Intl. 2006. ISBN 978-1589232778 Paperback. 112 pages. Unique necklaces, rings, accessories, and home decorations. Twenty original projects combine buttons of all shapes and sizes with beads or fabric. The projects have easy step-by-step instructions with photography. Creative Parnes, Tair
BUTTON JEWELRY: 15 EASY NECKLACES, BRACELETS & EARRINGS (Threads Selects). Taunton Press. 2014.   ISBN: 978-1627107808 Paperback. 32 pages. Perfect for beginning crafters. Clear, simple instructions, step by step. Creative Beal, Susan
BUTTON JEWELRY: OVER 25 ORIGINAL DESIGNS FOR NECKLACES, EARRINGS, BRACELETS AND MORE. North Light Books. 2006. ISBN: 978-1581809145 Paperback. 128 pages. Step-by-step and variations on designs. Methods range from simple gluing and threading to sophisticated wiring techniques. Antique, mother-of pearl, plastic or metal–gorgeous buttons just cry out to be made into unique, one-off pieces of jewelry. Buttons can be combined with all kinds of beads and pearls to create a wide range of original pieces from necklaces and earrings to bracelets and barrettes. Creative Withers, Sara
BUTTON MATERIALS A-Z: IDENTIFICATION GUIDE. Softcover. 160 pages. 1850 color images. 140 different materials or techniques presented encyclopedic style. Many tips given to help the reader learn how to identify their own buttons. Cutting-edge information, heretofore unknown or misunderstood, based on author’s many years of button experience, research and testing. Emphasis placed on the most problematical or misunderstood materials and techniques. Polymers Howells, Jocelyn
BUTTON MOUNTING HAND BOOK, CASCARDS. 1951. Paperback. 30 pages. Recommended sizes and machine-punched button mounting card templates. Creative Cassidy, Ethel B.
BUTTON MOUNTS. 1957. 20 pages. Mounting ideas and patterns for button display. Creative Rodway, Edith A & Odams, Nancy M.
BUTTON PARADE (revised). Wallace-Homestead Book Co. 1968. ASIN: B0007E9D3E Hardcover. 269 pages. Hand drawn illustrations, over 40 pages, with description of button designs, classification, display, glossary. Buttons, Historic Brown, Dorothy Foster
BUTTON PARADE: A BOOK OF BUTTON GROUPINGS. Lightner Publishing. 1942. ASIN: Hardcover. 269 pages. Hand drawn illustrations, over 40 pages, with description of button designs, classification, display, glossary. Buttons, Historic Brown, Dorothy Foster
BUTTON VALUE LIST. 1944. Printed in booklet form, pocket size, listing over 1000 picture, story, animals, etc. alphabetically arranged, lge, med, small sizes, up to date comparative retail values given Pricing Leonardson, S.E.
BUTTON! BUTTON! 50 CUTE & CRAFTY PROJECTS. Lark Books. 2008.   ISBN 978-1600591457 Paperback. 132 pages.   “Button up” a lampshade or brooch. Clean photography showcases the projects—and amusing tidbits include button museums and the self-proclaimed Button King. Creative Taylor, Terry
BUTTON, BUCKLE AND FASTENERS INDUSTRY IN CANADA. Multiple publications. Titles vary slightly, multiple reports. Searchable years 1934-1947 at Manufacturing Canada
BUTTON, BUTTON; IDENTIFICATION AND PRICE GUIDE. Schiffer Ltd., Atglen PA. 1993. ISBN: 978-0764300820 Paperback. 160 pages. Gives information to identify age, material, and desirability buttons. It covers buttons of every imaginable type, price range and age. Pricing Osborne, Peggy Anne
BUTTON{WARE}. Indygo Junction. 2008. ISBN: 978-0975491843 Paperback. 80 pages. 90 photos and 33 projects with variations. Wearable designs using vintage and new buttons. Creative Barickman, Amy
Buttons & Lace. Buttons & Pain. Buttons & Hate. Buttons & Shame. Buttons & Blame. Buttons & Grace. Shameless flaming romance with buttons on the book covers. Fiction, Romance Sky, Penelope
BUTTONS & SEW ON–MARKING THE CENTENARY OF JAMES GROVE & SONS LTD. 1957. British btton manufacturer producing horn, shell, polyester, nylon and casein buttons. They ceased independent operations in 2012, but their products are still available. JamesGrove Catalog James Groves & Sons
BUTTONS & SUNDRIES. Drama Pub, Zanfri Editori, Italy. 1990. ISBN: 978-0896762015 Hardcover. 140 pages. A world history of buttons, cuff links, studs, badges, and more, beginning with the Middle Ages up to the present. Buttons, Historic De Buzzaccarini, Vittoria Minici & Zotti, Isabella
BUTTONS (KEEPSAKE CRAFTS). Sunset Pub. Co. 1994. Paperback. 63 pages. This is part of a new series of books packed with easy-to make projects which are illustrated throughout and filled with inspiring and practical ideas for all craftspeople. Many of us have a button box full of attractive buttons which never get diplayed or used. This book shows readers how to make stunning brooches, bracelets, earrings and necklaces from these buttons. There are also ideas for using buttons to decorate and personalize jackets, jumpers, shirts, hats, shoes and socks, as well as tips on using them to great effect on quilts, cloth dolls and gifts such as picture frames. Included are projects for making your own buttons. Creative Moody, Jo
BUTTONS AND DESIGN SCARABS ILLUSTRATED BY THE EGYPTIAN COLLECTION IN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, LONDON. British School of Archaeology in Egypt. 1925. Reprinted 1974. ISBN: 0913484024 Hardcover. 35 pages of excavations and 30 black and white plates and charts. Buttons, Historic Egyptian Petrie, Sir W.M. Flinders
BUTTONS AND FASTENERS 500 BC–AD 1840. GREENLIGHT Publishing. 2004. ISBN: 978-1897738214 Paperback. 140 pages. Containing over 1,000 high quality colour photographs, this book allows the identification and dating of metal buttons through many periods of history. Many of the buttons covered are excavated examples, and quite a number are rare and previously unrecorded varieties. Buttons, Historic Bailey, Gordon
BUTTONS ARE ART. Wobbema & Sons Printers, Grand Rapids MI. 1943. Looseleaf. 94 pages, 46 plates. The purpose is to show how many button designs are taken from paintings, sculpture and architecture. Buttons Jarvis, Louise Huntington
BUTTONS BEYOND THE GLASS CURTAIN. 2001. Spiral bound. 91 pages. Glass Hoppe, Kathryn P.
BUTTONS FOR THE COLLECTOR. David & Charles. 1972. ISBN: 978-0715352618 Hardcover. 128 pages. Collecting Peacock, Primrose
BUTTONS IN SETS 1896-1972. Hake’s Americana & Collectibles Press. 1984. ISBN: 978-0918708045 Paperback. Buttons have been issued in sets and series every since the first celluloid pinbacks were manufactured in the 1890’s. This volume is an attempt to catalog these sets of buttons, from the first to the early 1970’s. The book is illustrated. Listing of sets has been organized for ease of reference–first by broad categories (comics, sports, etc.), then, within each category, either by issuer (Kellogg’s Pep, Sweet Caporal, etc.) or by subject (Mickey Mouse, The Wizard of Oz, etc.). The index offers a quick means of locating specific sets, subjects or issuers. Buttons Levin, Marshall N. & Hake, Theodore L.
BUTTONS IN THE COLLECTION OF THE COOPER-HEWITT MUSEUM. Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC. 1982. This 33 page book is scanned (in black and white) and can be viewed online at Button Exhibit Cooper-Hewitt Museum
BUTTONS MADE IN MICHIGAN. 20 pages Manufacture Kalsego Button Club
BUTTONS OF THE BRITISH ARMY 1855-1970. Popular-Pocket. 1983.   ISBN: 978-9132760839 Hardcover. 64 pages. Shows 670 buttons, from every militia, regiment, corps and department in the army. Multiples are shown for each regiment. Great reference for the collector. Uniform, British Ripley, Howard
BUTTONS OF THE CANADIAN MILITIA, ARMY, NAVAL AND AIR FORCES, 1900-1990. ISBN: 978-1551250045 Paperback. 108 pages. For collectors and enthusiasts, this book provides a look into an area of military collecting that is largely undocumented. Though medals awarded to Canadians and the badges of the Canadian armed forces have long been collected and valued, the field of Canadian military button collecting has been long overlooked, and available books and publications on this subject are virtually non-existent. With a view to rectifying this situation, Eric Smylie traces the history of the military button from the late nineteenth century to the last decade of the twentieth. Included are buttons from General Service, the Corps, the Mounted and Foot Regiments Overseas Service Battalions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, Naval and Air Services, etc. Uniform, Canadian Smylie, Eric
BUTTONS OF THE CONFEDERACY. Boyertown Publishing, Boyertown PA. 1963 0 Uniform, US Civil War Albert, Alphaeus H.
BUTTONS OF THE DEFENCE FORCES OF AUSTRALIA. Author publishes, Sunbury Australia. 1988. ISBN 0731630831 Paperback. 72 pages. A collector’s reference guide to Australian Defence Force buttons. Uniform, Australia Cossum, J.K.
BUTTONS OF THE INDIAN ARMY, Volume 1. CAVALRY. Illustrations by Denis Darmanin. Military Press. 1998. ISBN 978-0854200948 Hardcover and paperback. 105 pages. Volume 1. Cavalry. Uniform, India Poulsom, Lt. Col. Neville W.
BUTTONS OF THE INDIAN ARMY, Volume 2. BENGAL ARMY INFANTRY. Illustrations by Denis Darmanin. Military Press. 1998-99. ISBN 978-0854201648 Hardcover and paperback. Volume 2. 172 PAGES. Uniform, India Poulsom, Lt. Col. Neville W.
BUTTONS OF THE INDIAN ARMY, Volume 3. PUNJAB FRONTIER FORCE, MADRAS ARMY INFANTRY, HYBERBAN INFANTRY. Illustrations by Denis Darmanin. Military Press. 1998. Paperback. Volume 3: 129 pages. ISBN 978-0854201563 Publisher: Military Press (1 Dec. 1998) Language: English ISBN-10: 0854201564 ISBN-13: 978-0854201563 Uniform, India Poulsom, Lt. Col. Neville W.
BUTTONS OF THE INDIAN ARMY, Volume 4. BOMBAY ARMY INFANTRY, GURKHA INFANTRY. Illustrations by Denis Darmanin. Military Press. 1998-99. ISBN 978-0854201617 Hardcover and paperback. Volume 4. 112 PAGES. Uniform, India Poulsom, Lt. Col. Neville W.
BUTTONS OF THE INDIAN ARMY, Volume 5. ARMS AND SERVICES. Illustrations by Denis Darmanin. Military Press. 1998. ISBN 978-0854201716 Hardcover and paperback. 51 PAGES. Volume 5: Pre-1947. Uniform, India Poulsom, Lt. Col. Neville W.
BUTTONS OF THE INDIAN ARMY, VOLUME 6. BATTLE HONORS AWARDED TO EACH REGIMENT. Illustrations by Denis Darmanin. Military Press 1998. ISBN 978-0854201860 Hardcover and paperback. Volume 6: Battle Honors, Amalgamations & Index. Summary of Battle Honors Awarded to Each Regiment; Summaries of the Post 1922 Almalgamations Uniform, India Poulsom, Lt. Col. Neville W.
BUTTONS OF THE INDIAN ARMY, Volume 7. ADDITIONS AND ERRATA. Illustrations by Denis Darmanin. Military Press. 2000. ISBN 978-0854201914 Hardcover. Volume 7. 218 pages. Uniform, India Poulsom, Lt. Col. Neville W.
BUTTONS OF THE IRISH MILITIA 1793-1881. Author published. 1991. ISBN: 978-0951731901 Paperback. 40 pages. Uniform, Irish McDonnell, J.
BUTTONS OF THE REGULAR ARMY 1855-2000. Howard Ripley. 2002. Illustrated by Dennis Darminin. Paperback. 68 pages. Very helpful and comprehensive. Uniform, British Ripley, Howard
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PICTORIAL OVERALL BUTTONS. National Button Society. 2015. A Descriptive Catalogue of Pictorial Overall Buttons, Wobble Shank. It has 15 color plates with 580 button pictures, the history of work clothing and descriptive characteristics of many types. Usage, Overall Yeargain, Louella & DeHay, Jerry
PICTORIAL OVERALL BUTTONS. National Button Society. Boyertown Publishing Co. 1965 32 pages. A Descriptive Catalog of Pictorial Buttons Worn on Work Clothing, 1900-1935. Usage, Overall Adams, Jane Ford & Lillian Smith Albert, National Button Society
PICTURE BUTTONS OF THE PAST. The New England Publishing Co., Stratford CT. 1978 Hardcover. 47 pages. Buttons, Historic Swenson, Evelyn
PLASTIC BUTTONS: HOW TO IDENTIFY THEM USING ALL SIX SENSES, PRICE GUIDE FOR. 2002 This is for owners of the first edition only, as the price guide was incorporated into the second edition — both of which are sold out. Polymers Howells, Jocelyn
PLASTIC BUTTONS: HOW TO IDENTIFY THEM USING ALL SIX SENSES. Howells. 2001 82 pages. 34 color plates. Buttons grouped according to plastic type and fully described as to their techniques, embellishments, finishes, etc. Additional helpful information offered for the first time to help collectors really get to know their plastic buttons. Polymers Howells, Jocelyn
POLICE BUTTONS. VOLUME II. UK. 1983. ISBN: 0952793814. Illustrated by Dennis Darminin. Usage, Police Ripley, Howard
POLICE BUTTONS: POLICE FORCES OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND–THEIR AMALGAMATIONS AND THEIR BUTTONS. US. R. Hazell & Co. 1983. ISBN: 978-0901718297 Paperback. 84 pages. This book is a comprehensive guide to British and Irish police buttons, over 500 of which are excellently illustrated by Dennis Darminin. Usage, Police UK Ripley, Howard
POLICE UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT. Shire Publications. 1999. ISBN: 0747801266 Paperback. 32 pages. This book describes the origin and development of the police uniform (including buttons and badges) in England and Wales. Usage, Police Clarke, A. A.
POLISH MILITARY BUTTONS 1914-1945. (POLSKIE GUZIKI WOJSKOWE 1914-45) Krzysztof Gladki ze zbiorow Krzysztofa Gladkiego. 1983 POLISH. 16 pages. Polish military buttons (1914-1945) from the collection of Krzysztof Gładki: catalog of the exhibition, Museum of Struggle and Work, Jelenia Góra – Cieplice, August-October 1983. Uniform, Polish Gladkiego, Krzysztofa
POLITICAL CAMPAIGN & COMMEMORATIVE BUTTONS. Author published. Highstown NJ. 1966 A Descriptive Catalog of Pictorial Buttons Worn on Work Clothing, 1900-1935. Usage Albert, Alphaeus H.
POLITICAL CAMPAIGN BUTTONS IN COLOR. Mid-America Book Co. 1969. ASIN: B0006CEDBO Spiral bound. 60 color pages. Usage Wearin, Otha D.
POTTERY AND MOSAICS. Blandford. 1965. ISBN: 978-0713703719 Hardcover. 96 pages. Pottery construction, tiles and use, mural designs, buildings, etc. Ceramics Powell, Harold
PRICE BUIDE TO BUTTON PARADE. 1970. 0 Pricing Adkins, Gertrude D.
PRICES IN THE BUTTON INDUSTRY. GPO (Government Printing Office), Washington. 1919 22 pages, World War 1914-18, pearl industry, and US buttons. Pricing Curran, John M.
RAILWAY BUTTONS, BADGES & UNIFORMS. Ian Allan Ltd. Littlehampton Book Services. London. 1986. ISBN: 978-0711016491 Hardcover. 208 pages. Tracing thye history of uniforms and insignia which have been worn by railway employees in Britain in the past 160 years. Around 900 photographic illustrations – mostly b&w, some colour, and photographs of staff. Usage, Railway Froggatt, David J.
RECORD OF AMERICAN UNIFORM AND HISTORICAL BUTTONS: BICENTENNIAL EDITION. (Revised) Boyertown Publishing Co., Boyertown PA. 1976. SCS Publishing, 1997. Hardcover. 511 pages. The standard reference since its first publication in 1977. Over 3200 buttons are pictured actual size with known back marks and relative values shown. They include: US Military of all periods from colonial on, Confederate, both of the state and CS Government, Schools both civilian and military, Commemorative, Political, Militia, Veterans Organizations, Federal Departments and more. Uniform, US Albert, Alphaeus H.
RELICS OF THE REVOLUTION. Author published. 1916. ASIN: B0026bVB4K Hardcover. 214 pages. The story of the discovery of the buried remains of military life in forts and camps on Manhattan Island. With military notes and illustrations. History Bolton, Reginald Pelham
RETURN ENGAGEMENT OF BLACK GLASS BUTTONS. (Combined with the original publication.) New Leaf Publishers, Sedgwick ME. 1994 0 Glass, Black Smith, Caroline & Fuoss, Edith E.
RETURN ENGAGEMENT OF BLACK GLASS BUTTONS. University Lithoprinters, Ypsilanti MI. 1952. ASIN: B000M1K3P4 Spiral bound. 144 PAGES. Glass, Black Smith, Caroline & Fuoss, Edith E.
RIFLE VOLUNTEER BUTTONS 1859-1908. UK. Military Historical Society. 1996. 2007 revision. ISBN 978-0951060346 Paperback. 30 pages. List of original corps, consolidations and Volunteer Battalions. A reprint of the 1996 first edition, now out of print, with additional information and illustrations. Uniform, British Ripley, Howard & Darmanin, Dennis
ROMAN BUCKLES & MILITARY FITTINGS. Greenlight Publishing. 2007 ISBN: 978-1897738290 Hardcover and paperback. 288 pages. Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of full colour photographs. Early Empire Buckles -Dolphin Buckles – Dragon Buckles – Bird Buckles – Horse head buckles – Lion Buckles – Strap ends – Belt stiffeners – Belt Plates – Helmet Fittings – Sword and Dagger Fittings – Armour Fittings – Shield Fittings – Apron Fittings – Horse harness Fittings – Roman military glossary – Bibliography Buckles Appels, Andrew & Laycock, Stuart
SKETCH BOOK, A COLLECTION OF NOTES AND SKETCHES ON WOMEN’S DRESS N AMERICA 1774-1783. Pioneer Press. 1974. ASIN B001V7IMZG Softwover. 61 pages. Sketches and notes are based on specimens of womens clothing and accessories worn in the last half of the 18th century. Contemporary writings, drawings and paintings were also used as a basis for details. Costume Klinger, Robert L.
STANDARD CATALOG OF RIVETED BUTTONS. 2004. Includes a chronology of rivets, their many features and embellishments, where to find them, resources, and valuation. Riveted Buttons Race, David E & Deborah A.
STENCILS–A CHINA stencil check list. Delmo press. 1944. ASIN: B0007HZW4U Paperback. Chinas Adams, George E.
STUDIO BUTTONS & THE ARTISTS WHO MADE THEM. Author published. 2008. Third Edition 2011. Studio Buttons Melloy, Meagan
SYMBOLS OF THE CHURCH. Abingdon Press. 1964. ISBN: 978-0687183012 Paperback. 48 pages.This resource, with over 200 full-color photographs and illustrations depicts a variety of symbols, explains often-misunderstood symbols commonly seen in churches. The book shares the origin and meaning of hundreds of symbols of the Christian faith, as well as fascinating stories behind many symbols. It includes symbols from the Old and New Testaments, the Christian tradition, those representing apostles and saints are discussed, plus denominational emblems. Help the children of your church recognize Christian symbols with a resource developed exclusively for them! Symbols of Faith can be found in the Related Products Section Below. History Whittemore, Carroll E.
SYNTHETIC POLYMERS HANDBOOK, NATIONAL BUTTON SOCIETY SECTION 9-A. The basic plastic button primer and prerequisite to other books on polymers. Highly recommended if you want to learn more about 11 different plastics that were made into buttons. Polymers Howells, Jocelyn & Joan MacFarlane & Nikki Deal
THE AMERIAN HISTORICAL BUTTONS. New Market NJ. 1942. Supplement in 1943.   ASIN B0007FLL24 Hardcover. 197 pages. Buttons, Historic Johnson, David F.
THE AMERICAN HISTORICAL BUTTONS. 1942. Over 700 buttons listed and dated, 500-550 actual size illustrations, 23 plates, 200 pages packed with real information. Tells how to identify and date the early and difficult kinds, classification, glossary, button makers, comparative values, index. hardback and clothbound edition with supplement that lists 1400 historical buttons, illustrating 1000 styles). Buttons, Historic Justice, Noel D.
THE BAKELITE JEWELRY BOOK. Abbeville Press. 1988. ISBN 978-0896598676 Hardcover. 156 pages. Presents a collection of the finest pieces of Bakelite jewelry, discussing its popularity during the Depression era and tracing its increasing popularity among collectors. Bakelite Davidov, Corinne & Dawes, Ginny
THE BIG BOOK OF BUTTONS–THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BUTTON HISTORY, DESIGN, AND IDENTIFICATION. Two Volumes. Second Editon. St. Johann Press. 2011. ISBN: 978-1878282736 Buttons Hughes, Elizabeth & Lester, Marion
THE BIG BOOK OF BUTTONS–THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BUTTON HISTORY, DESIGN, AND IDENTIFICATION. PRICE GUIDE. St. Johann Press. 1991. ISBN: 978-1878282736 Pricing Hughes, Elizabeth & Lester, Marion
THE BOOK OF BUTTONS—A PRACTICAL AND CREATIVE GUIDE TO THE DECORATIVE USE OF BUTTONS. Dorling Kindersley Publishing, NYC NY. 1992. ISBN: 978-0789416551 Hardcover and paperback. 80 pages. A practical and creative guide to fashion explains how to use buttons for dramatic impact on all types of clothing and provides a catalog of different types of buttons, including antique, designer, jeweled, novelty, etc. Creative Whittemore, Joyce
THE BOOK OF OLD SILVER. 1970. Seventh edition from 1937. Hardcover. 447 pages. “…the most comprehensive table of hallmarks ever published in one book. Valuable information for silver collectors. Metals, Silver Wyler, Seymour B.
THE BUTTON BOOK. Running Press, Philadelphia & London. 1996. ISBN 978-1561387397) Hardcover. 128 pages. To celebrate the marvel of buttons, here’s a collection of quotes, trivia, and photographs to take you on an expert tour through a world of art, craft, fashion, and social history. Buttons Epstein, Diana
THE BUTTON BOX. Puffin Unicorn Books, NY. 1995. 24 pages. An imaginative little boy explores the many pleasures that can be found in–and made from–his grandmother’s button box. Fiction, Youth Reid Margarette S.
THE BUTTON COLLECTOR. Page Spring Publishing. 2013. ISBN 978-1939403087 Paperback. …..On a gray day at a gritty flea market, Caroline stumbles upon an unlikely treasure—jars and jars of buttons in a dazzling kaleidoscope of colors. She is reminded of something she has made herself forget—she too has a jar of buttons, an inheritance from her mother, which Caroline has put on the back of a shelf, out of sight, out of mind, out of her life Fiction Jennings, Elizabeth
THE BUTTON COLLECTOR’S HISTORY. Pond-Ekberg Co., Springfield MA. 1943 238 pages. 16 pages of photographic reproductions, more than 125 drawings. History Ford, Grace Horney
THE BUTTON CRAFT BOOK. Lark Books. 1995. ISBN: 978-0806931975 Hardcover. 128 pages. Many illustrations. Interesting and fun collection of buttons, their uses, and their art. For button enthusiasts and those merely interested in flipping through a few pages to pass the time. Creative Cusick, Dawn
THE BUTTON INDUSTRY IN THE UNITED STATES. St. Johann Press. 1999. ISBN 978-1878282088 Paperback. 112 pages. Historical treasure. Written as a thesis in American History at Yale University, updated in 1946 and in 1998 by Ralph Langer, president of Blumenthal Lansing Company. Perhaps the most compact short history of the button industry it is a must read. Manufacture Newberger, Edward Louis
THE BUTTON INDUSTRY. Reprinted by Edith Fuoss. Pitman & Sons: London. 1947. Hardcopy. 113 pages. Searchable scan at, look in the catalog record for the book scan. Manufacture Jones, W. Unite & Fuoss, Edith M.
THE BUTTON LOVER’S BOOK–SEWING, COLLECTING, CARE, BUTTON BOXES, GAMES, ART. Chilton Book Co., Radnor PA 1991. ISBN: 978-0801980107 Paperback. 192 pages. Discusses button lore and explains how to start collecting buttons, make buttons, and use them on garments, for jewelry, and in simple toys and games. Creative Green, Marilyn
THE BUTTON MAKER: 30 GREAT TECHNIUES AND 35 STYLISH PROJECTS. Collins & Brown. 2006. ISBN: 978-1843402770 Hardcover. 128 pages. For anyone who enjoys finding the fun in the everyday, Sarah Beaman’s delightful new compendium of button making techniques is a treasure trove of inspiration. Using a diverse array of materials–from clay and fabric to wood and shells–Beaman teaches readers how to produce buttons that transcend their function to become works of art. Turn off-the-rack shirts into personalized fashion statements, or add the perfect adornment to a handcrafted purse. Hundreds of illustrations guide the reader through the various techniques, with over 30 projects focusing on different materials and effects. Whether creating ladybug buttons from clay or colorful spotted fasteners from felt, Beaman makes button making easy, and ensures that no buttonhole need go unadorned again. Creative Beaman, Sarah
THE BUTTON SAMPLER. Gramercy Pub. Co. 1951. ASIN: B0007DTEIV Hardcover. 143 pages. Full book scan at, look in the catalog record for the book scan.Metal, bone, wood, enamel, mosaic, or pearl buttons; flowers, fruit, or butterfly types, portraits or figures, political, historic, or sports subjects, uniform buttons, or salesman’s samples. Collecting Adams, Jane Ford & Albert, Lillian Smith
THE BUTTON STRING. Lightner Publishing, Chicago IL. 1942. 71 pages. Good for beginning collectors. Over 3,000 buttons illustrated, a daily button lesson opposite a page of verse, helps teach children much of the past as reflected in buttons, story told in rhyme of a little girl and boy who found a string of old buttons in the attic, many pages of information about the different materials from which buttons are made, hardbound, large type, every page of rhymes is surrounded by a different border of buttons, large, clear photographs of many specialized types, 9×12″, Collecting, Youth Schull, Thelma
THE COLLECTOR’S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF BUTTONS. Crown Publishers Inc., Schiffer Pub. Ltd. NYC NY. 1967. 1992. 2006. ISBN: 978-0764323294 Hardcover. 242 pages. The bible book of buttons is back in an updated and revised sixth edition. This is the best introduction to the world of buttons that has ever been written. Over 3,000 buttons, covering all periods, materials, and manufacturers, are pictured and identified, along with newly revised current market values for each button. Although comprehensive in scope, the book is never intimidating. Its encyclopedic format enables information to be quickly and easily found. Current market values make it the best guide to the market. This is the one book that experienced collectors have long considered indispensable, that new collectors must have. Buttons, Historic Luscomb, Sally
THE COLLECTOR’S GUIDE TO BUTTONS. Walker & Co. 1990. First Edition. Paperback. 84 pages. Overview of the world of button collecting. The pictures used are good representations of the buttons covered. Collecting Epstein, Diana
THE COLONIAL SILVERSMITH, HIS TECHNIQUES AND HIS PRODUCTS. Astragal Press. 1969. Reprint 1995. ISBN 978-1879335653 Hardcover and paperback. 176 pages. Describes the tools and the methods used by these colonial artisans in fashioning the wide variety of silver objects. Finished products, together with detailed illustrations of the step-by-step fabrication of individual objects, supplement the text. Metals, Silver Kauffman, Henry J.
THE COLORFUL WORLD OF BUTTONS. The Pyne Press, Princeton NJ. 1973 Viviane Ertell, along with her husband Goerge, travelled extensively in Europe in the 1940’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, discovering and researchUing some of the finest buttons collectors have ever seen. Mrs. Ertell compiled this book in 1972, showing, in part, her private collection. The first button book ever printed in full color, over 40 pages of photographs. Buttons Ertell, Vivian Beck
THE COMPLETE BUTTON BOOK. Doubleday, Garden City NY. 1949 Hardcopy. 409 pages. Searchable scan at, look in the catalog record for the book scan. Collecting Albert, Lillian Smith & Kent, Kathryn
THE EMILIO COLLECTION OF MILITARY BUTTONS: American, British, French and Spanish, with some of Other Countries and Non-Military. The Essex Institute, Salem MA. 1911. Reprinted 1942. Reprinted 2009. ISBN 978-1120758736 Paperback. 310 pages. Reprint of the original.Culturally important work, made available for protecting, preserving, and promoting the world’s literature. Uniform Emilio, Luis Fenollosa
THE EXTRAORDINARY ADVENTURES OF BENJAMIN SANDERS, BUTTONMAKER OF BROMSGROVE. The Bromsgrove Society. 1984. ISBN: 978-0950947129 Soft cover. 80 pages. Fiction Richards, Alan
THE FASHON DICTIONARY. Funk & Wagnalls. 1957. ISBN: 978-0308100527. Republished in 1999. Hardcover. 434 pages. Mary Picken wrote 96 books on needlework, sewing and textile arts. Costume Picken, Mary
THE GIFT BUTTON: FASHION BUTTONS INTO GORGEOUS GIFTS AND WEARABLE ART. Sterling Publishing Co. 1993. ISBN: 978-0688118228 Hardcover. 47 pages. Creative Rheingold, Judith Maas
THE ILLUSTRATED POLITICAL BUTTON BOOK. Four editions. California Political Items Co. 1971. ASIN: B0006BZVFW Paperback. 131 pages. Usage Bristow, Dick
THE ILUSTRATED BOOK OF HERALDRY: AN INTERNATIONAL HISTORY OF HERALDRY AND ITS CONTEMPORARY USES. 2013.   ISBN 978-0754826590 Hardcover. 256 pages. Examines the history of heraldry from medieval tournaments to modern applications around the world, and offers a detailed and easily understood explanation of the language of heraldry. Lavishly illustrated throughout including fascinating archive material and 700 specially commissioned artworks. Heraldry Slater, Stephen
THE MAGIC LAND OF KATE GREENAWAY. Just Buttons, Southington CT. 1968 64 pages. Greenaway Tarbox, Alice T.
THE MARIE SNOUFFER CHINA BUTTONS. Michigan Button Society. China buttons known as “Snouffers,”  named after their intial owner Marie Snouffer, who purchased 300 loose buttons in 1991 at a garage sale for a very small price. This booklet details the purchase and includes photos and descriptions of each of the 109 unique buttons retained by Marie.  Duplicates were sold to collectors.  The booklet may be ordered from the Michigan Button Society for $5. Chinas Buirkle, Lillian & Fraser, Marjorie
THE MILL ON MAD RIVER. Little Brown & Co. Boston MA. 1948. Novel based on the button industry in Waterbury, CT, in the early years of the 19th Century. Fiction Clark, Howard
THE MILL ON MAD RIVER–SCOVILL MANUFACTURING COMPANY. 1953. 0 Manufacture Scoville Manufacturing Co.
THE OLD BUTTON BOX. Author published. Quiz Industries: Southington CT. 1951. ASIN: B0007E00A4 Hardcover. 180 pages. Buttons, Historic Luscomb, Sally & Cassidy, Ethel B.
THE PEARLIES: A SOCIAL RECORD. Jupiter Books Inc., London. 1975. ISBN: 978-0904041187 Hardcover. 160 pages. Illustrated account of East End Street traders who decorated their clothes with pearl buttons. A social history of The Pearlies, a phenomenon that evolved out of the bustling and violent street- life in londons east end over the last three hundred years. Known as costers, these street-traders, who, against a background of squalor and poverty, developed customs, traditions, even an argot uniquely their own, including the fashion of decorating clothes with rows of bright pearl buttons. The Pearlies became a focal point of working-class life, symbolizing the poor’s concern with mutual aid and improvement. Costume Binder, Pearl
THE ROMANCE OF PEARL BUTTONS. American Pearl Button Co. Washington IA. 1930. Pearl manufacture into “Lady Washington” pearl buttons. Shell American Pearl Button Co.
THE SCRIVENER’S BUTTON CABINET: A TWENTIETH CENTURY CLOTHING BUTTON COLLECTION. AuthorHouse, Bloomington IN. 2009. ISBN: 978-1434381940 160 pages. Collecting Jackson, Sandra
THROUGH THE BUTTON HOLE. 1973. ASIN: B000GRONPU Paperback, spiral bound. 50 pages. Collecting Burkheimer, Harriet
TRANSPORTATION UNIFORM BUTTONS, VOLUME III—MARITIME & AVIATION. Privately published. Madison NJ. 1998. ISBN 978-0961830120 Hardcover. 193 pages. Maritime and aviation. Short history of each company as well as color photos of each of the buttons. It also discusses the button manufacturers, how to distinguish amongst the buttons, where to find buttons, etc. Indispensable. Usage, Transportation VanCourt, Donald
TRANSPORTATION UNIFORM BUTTONS, VOLUME II—TRANSIT. Privately published. Madison NJ. 1993. ISBN 978-0961830113 ASIN B00J5NM48E Hardcover. 306 pages. Volume 2 in this monumental series cover all known transit uniform buttons from the US and Canada. Buttons are shown in black and white plates with information on each provided in a section describing the transit company and the different buttons it issued. Index. Usage, Transportation VanCourt, Donald
TRANSPORTATION UNIFORM BUTTONS, VOLUME I—RAILROADS. Privately published. Madison NJ. 1991. ISBN 0-9618301-0-7 Hardcover and paperback. 280 pages. Black and white. This is a wonderful piece of scholarship, truly a labor of love. It’s an authoritative description of railroad uniform buttons, button construction, the metal-era history of button making, and the histories of the railroads that commissioned these buttons for their workers. Among those who collect uniform buttons, this is consdered to be THE reference book, at least for North American railroads. Usage, Transportation VanCourt, Donald
UNIFORM BUTTONS ENFIELD ARSENAL MANUAL – MARK I. Ktchener House Publishers. 1965. ASIN B06XT4W9NH Paperback.   36 pages. Hundreds or buttons are illustrated in this work. Dotted lines indicate that a button could not be identified. Battle honors are indicated, as are nicknames. Units often underwent changes in name, number, and form/style of button. The author was a Lieutenant in the Royal Ordnance Corps. There is now a database on British Military Buttons: The Early British Military Button Project. Uniform, British Vickers-Smith, Lt. Evelyn
UNIFORM BUTTONS OF THE DANISH ARMY 1911-1997 (UNIFORMSKNAPPER I DEN DANSKE HAER 1911-1997). Denmark. 1997. ISBN: 87-98552163   978-8798552192 In Danish. 86 pages. Uniform, Danish Petersen, Karsten Skjold
UNIFORM BUTTONS OF THE MOUNTED POLICE 1874–1980. Canada. 1985. 0 Usage, Police Canada Taylor, Ken W and Frye, Bernard G.
UNIFORM BUTTONS OF THE UNITED STATES 1776-1865: BUTTON MAKERS OF THE UNITED STATES, 1776-1865; BUTTON SUPPLIERS TO THE CONFEDERATE STATES, 1800-1865. Thomas Publications, Gettysburg PA. 1997 519 pages. Contains many buttons not covered in Albert’s, and also lists every known backmark for each button. Chapters on four leading manufacturers, with histories of the companies and great photos of their backmarks . The section on state buttons includes buttons all the way back to the American Revolution, with the United States section starting in about 1830, and a section covering the complete period of Confederate manufacture. Uniform, US Tice, Warren K.
UNIFORM BUTTONS OF THE UNITED STATES, PRICE GUIDE TO. Thomas Publications, Gettysburg PA. 2000 0 Uniform, US Tice, Warren K.
UNIFORM BUTTONS: AMERICAN ARMED FORCES 1784-1948. Volume I. MILITARY UNIFORMS AND THEIR BUTTONS: AMERICAN ARMED FORCES 1784-1948. Volue 2. Century House, Watkins Glen NY. 1948. ASIN B007BOQ6H4 Hardcover. Invaluable resource. Two Volume Set. First Volume is text heavy, 223 pages. Second volume pages are not numbered but has 100 plates illustrating over 200 buttons Includes ilustrations of state seals. Uniform, US Johnson, David F.
UNITED STATES MILITARY BUTTONS OF THE LAND SERVICES, 1787-1902: A GUIDE AND CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM. McLean   County Historical. 1984. ISBN: 978-0943788012 Paperback. 121 pages. This is a very useful book for anybody interested in US military uniforms and buttons. It has the very great advantage over standard references in that it indicates the dates during which the buttons were in use, as well as providing information about specific use. Uniform, US Revolution Wyckoff, Martin A.
UNLISTED BACKS OF UNIFORM BUTTONS. Just Buttons Museum. 1962. 24 pages. Backmarks not listed in Johnson’s Uniform Books or in the supplements. Uniform Lovell, Dorothy B.
VANISHING CRAFTS AND THEIR CRAFTSMEN. Rutgers Univ. Press. 1959.   ASIN B0000CKPF7 Hardcover. 160 pages. “Straightforward, down-to-earth writing and pictures” from a review in a 1959 Rotarian issue. History Steinmetz, Rollin C. and Rice, Charles S.
VON KNOPFMACHERN UND KNOPFEN: 300 JAHRE KNOPFHERSTELLUNG IM KYFFHAUSERGEBIET (From button makers and buttons: 300 years of button production in the Kyffhäuser area). Germany. 1999. DE 225387150 GERMAN. Manufacture Hahnemann, Ulrich
WARMAN’S BUTTONS FIELD GUIDE: VALUES AND IDENTIFICATION. Krause Publications. 2009 ISBN: 978-1440221552 Paperback. 512 pages. Showcases antique glass, ceramic, and plastic buttons, and provides a description and price for each button pictured. Collecting Gorski, Jill
WASHINGTON HISTORICAL BUTTONS. Princeton University Press, Princeton NJ. 1949. 82 pages. Washington Inaugural Buttons, and Other Buttons Bearing the Portrait of Washington or Alluding to Him and His Administration. Usage Albert, Alphaeus H.
WEARING THE MOON: NAVAJO AND PUEBLO SILVER BUTTONS. Sky Hill Press. 2017. ISBN 978-0975986905 151 pages. 300 images of Navajo and Pueblo buttons and jewelry, plus historic photos. Silver was called the metal of the moon. Millard J Holbrook II: “What a great collection of buttons! How fortunate for the reader that Gary Brockman considers, with impeccable scholarship and in depth for the first time, the artistic and cultural importance of Navajo and Pueblo silver buttons.” Metals, Silver Brockman, Gary
WEDGEWOOD BUTTONS 1752-1963. National Button Society. 1964. paperback. 22 pages. Ceramics, Wedgewood Albert, Lillian Smith & Adams, Jane Ford, NBS
WHO WORE WHAT: WOMEN’S WEAR 1861-1865. Thomas Pubns. 1995. ISBN 978-0939631810 Hardcover. 128 pages. Great descriptions and period photos detailing Women’s clothing in the 1860’s. What was worn, by whom, and in what combinations. With more than 300 photographs, invaluable information on the dress styles and designs of women’s clothing and accessories in the 19th century. Costume Leiscsh, Juanita
WHO’S GOT THE BUTTON? OLD AND NEW ANGLES TO BUTTON COLLECTING. NYC NY. 1962. 0 Collecting Roberts, Catherine & McKay, David
WOODEN JEWELRY & NOVELTIES. 1998. Price Guide. 1920’s-1950’s era jewelry, buttons, masks, toys, kitchen items & more — often incorporating Plastics, Bakelite and Lucite. Pricing Izard, Mary Jo
YEOMANRY BUTTONS. Mlitary Historical Society UK. 2005. Paperback. 56 pages. 6 color plates, 256 b/w illustrations of buttons. Includes an “Addendum” of Rifle Volunteer Buttons. Uniform, British Ripley, Howard & Darmanin, Dennis
YESTERDAY’S BUTTON CLASSICS. Lightener Publishing Col, Chicago IL. 1970 Updated reprint of 1941. ISBN: 978-0872820197 Hardcover. 255 pages. Black and white book with 108 photo plates. Buttons, Historic Couse, Erwina L. & Maple, Marguerite

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