About Buttons

By Dorothy Krugner

black glass, salt overlay, l9th century

black glass, salt overlay, l9th century

Buttons are far more than merely a mundane fastening device.  Button collectors often refer to them as “art in miniature.”  Of course there are many utilitarian buttons to be sure, but there are also wonderful artistic and precious buttons to rival any of the ancient works of art.  In fact, it is this wide variety of design and craftsmanship that makes buttons the 3rd most popular collectible in the U.S., right behind stamps and coins.

Button designs, like the clothes they adorn, have continued to change over the years.  To collect a button from an era long gone is to capture a bit of history.  They truly have historical significance, reflecting the artistic, social, and even the political events of their times.  They range from the magnificent, to the simple and whimsical.  As button collectors will tell you, the more knowledge and exposure to buttons you acquire, the more appreciation you will develop for these small treasures.

We are sincerely indebted to the generosity of Byson Buttons for providing a substantial portion of our initial Button Gallery as an educational gift to  the button collecting community.