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What is WRBA Button Album?

WRBA Button Album is created as an online library, or a “categorized repository” of buttons.  It’s visible to anyone, so you can bring up an interesting button on your screen at your local button club program, ask a question on social media platforms.

NBS Classification and Button Album 

Button categorization is based on the National Button Society’s classification system which was created in the 1960’s, still being updated every few years at the annual NBS conventions.  Go ahead and click a class, and you’ll see other buttons of that class. But wait — as many veteran collectors can tell you, this classification is more of art than science. So be patient, and be kind. With your positive contributions, our understanding and our button vocabulary will improve over time.

Say Hello to the Button Album Team

When you click your [Upload a Draft] button, you will receive a link to preview your page and to edit descriptions.  Please note that this is a group project, so uploads may be edited by others.  Please cite as much reference as possible.  If you don’t know, you can always ask, after uploading the button.  No sales related information will be permitted.
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