Introduction to Button Album

What is WRBA Button Album?

WRBA Button Album is created as an online library, or a “categorized repository” of buttons. Unlike other “image sharing” sites on the internet, it wasn’t created to track your online behavior, or to pop up a message showing that someone from your high school days — WRBA Button Album simply keeps track of buttons. It’s visible to anyone, so you can bring up an interesting button on your screen at your local button club program, ask a question on button bytes, or mention it on Facebook.

NBS Classification and Button Album 

A handful of pioneering WRBA members have been adding buttons… over six hundred buttons so far, with front, back and side views for a closer look, and with links to applicable NBS classes. Go ahead and click a class, and you’ll see other buttons of that class. But wait — as many veteran collectors can tell you, this whole classification business is more art than science. So be patient, and be kind. With your positive contributions, our understanding and our button vocabulary will improve over time.

The aim is to learn through the discussion, by participating in competitions at button shows, and to actively engage in our fascinating hobby. Yes, we connect through buttons!

Say Hello to the Button Album Team

Due to limited resources, most WRBA members have not had access to the button uploading feature until now, but that is about to change.

Do you have buttons you’d like to show and tell?  Ask questions about?

[Project Work Space] under [Button Album] menu

Visit [Project Work Space] under [Button Album] menu to upload your button images.   You first need to log in as a WRBA member, as it is a member-only privilege.  Up to 5 images are accepted per button. No limit on how many buttons, but please take it slow and easy. When you click your [Upload a Draft] button, you will receive a link to preview your page and to edit descriptions.  Please note that this is a group project, so uploads may be edited by others.  Please cite as much reference as possible.  If you don’t know, you can always ask, after uploading the button.  No sales related information will be permitted. [See our policy here.] Button Album is a library for learning by all.

Button Album is currently supported by Mika Jarmusz (Web Chair), Joy Journeay (Editor), Barb Barrans (Judging Chair), Linda Wiener (Education Chair) and by the WRBA board members, with varying degree of contributions and unique skill sets.