Upcoming 2021 WRBA awards

Bloom Where You Are Planted!

We will keep our same awards and theme, so continue to work on those button trays!

2020-21 awards list is also available for download in Word.

2020 WRBA Competitive Awards – Final Version


1.       1-0, 7-0, 8-0 & 10-0  25 Any.  Victorian era buttons with six celluloid, six clear and colored glass, six glass set in metal, six metal, and one free choice.  $10-7-3  Carolyn Boes

2.       4-0  Various.  Enamel assorted. Because we love our friend, Cathy Lindauer. $25-15-10  Sue Jordan and Harriett Brittenham

3.       6-3.11   Small.  Black glass tiles. Try for different patterns, colors of frit, and the four pictorial sections.  $5-3-2  Anonymous

4.       6-6.7 + 7-7.7.  Large. Ten black glass lacy and ten clear and colored glass lacy. In honor of the current Lacy Queen, Joy Journeay.  $15-10-5  Ronnie Wexler

5.       6-7.1   Small.  Black glass buttons specialized to those with cut steel OME, with or without visible brass settings.  $5-3-2  Anon.

6.       18-7  Various. Horseshoes, assorted materials. Consider the left shoe, right shoe, shoe with hoof, multiples on one button. May have minor other subject matter.  $10-6-4   Barb Johnson

7.       24-0  25 buttons: 10 small, 10 medium & 5 large. 18th century, materials assorted.  $20-10-5  Renée Comeau


8.       1-0 + 2-0  30 Medium.  Uniform buttons of Western Canada and Western United States (assorted), west of and excluding ON, SD, ND, NE, KS, OK & TX. Don’t forget Alaska and Hawaii. Label all buttons.  $10-7-3   Bruce Cole


9.       6-3.8 & 7-4.11. 25 Any. Moonglows. No balance required, but must represent both classes. Maximum of five realistics. Limited to those who have not received a 1st for moonglows. Dedicated to Virginia Johnson in appreciation for lessons provided to the Corvallis Button Club.  $10-7-3  Corvallis Button Club

10.    12-0  15 pair.  Pairs of Colt buttons of the same color in the same identified number, but two different sizes. $8-5-2  Carolyn Boes

11.     12-1.3  25 Any. Bakelite buttons of imitation tortoise. Look for a variation of colors, OME, shapes, sizes, etc.   $8-5-2  Carolyn Boes

12.     23-6.2  25 Any. Bimini and Bimini-like buttons specialized to patterns. Label back marks and anything interesting.  $15-10-5  President’s Award, Ronnie Wexler


13.     1-0  12 Any. Bridle rosettes. Twelve single rosettes, NOT pairs. Use different materials and try to cover the four pictorial sections.  $10-7-3  Judy Schwenk

14.     2-1  Seven one-piece.  Seven one-piece buckles with seven different materials.  $8-5-2  Carolyn Boes

15.     4-0  24 Any.  Costume trim. Check page 75 in the Blue Book. Try for complete coverage of difficult types of trim. Labeling is recommended.  $10-7-3  Judy Schwenk


16.     1-0 thru 15-15  Various. Pictorials, materials and techniques specifically linked to the sea. In memory of Tom Barrans.  $10-6-4  The WRBA Board

17.     1-0 thru 15-5; 22-1; 22-2. 25 Any.  Specialized to heads and faces. Must include at least one heart and one smiley face (emoticon). Verbal labels encouraged. Dedicated to the memory of Delores Smith, who shared laughter and joy with members of the Portland Button Club.  $10-7-3  Portland Button Club

18.     1-0 thru 15-5   Small.  Specialized to words beginning with letters that spell out “Sure do love Western Regional Button Association.” Label each letter as to what it represents. May be a pictorial, or any button term, material or technique; e.g., turn-around (a pattern); overlay (a technique) or gourd (a material).  $7-5-3  Julie Reifel

19.     1-0 thru 15-5. 25 Any Size. Assorted materials specialized to pictorials representing anything that grows on or is part of trees, such as fruits, blossoms, nuts, needles, leaves, cones, etc. May also include full trees or any part thereof (such as branches.) No parasites allowed (e.g. Mistletoe or fungi.) Assorted materials equal in points to subject matter. Sponsored by OSBS in honor of Oregon’s National Forests, and lumber and orchard industries.  $10-7-3  Oregon State Button Society

20.     1-0 thru 15-5 25 Any.  Any material with a twinkle, as Tom always had a twinkle in his eye. Twinkle can be on the surface, as shiny metal, luster or polish, or from the inside, like embedded foil, abalone or glitter.  In memory of our beloved Salty Dawg, Tom Barrans.  $5-3-2  Anonymous

21.     1-0 thru 15-5  25 Any. Materials assorted specialized to sew throughs. Must include at least one whistle and only one whistle. One studio allowed.  $5-3-2  Simone Kincaid

22.     1-0 thru 15-5  25 Any. Materials assorted specialized to objects . One studio allowed.  $5-3-2  Simone Kincaid

23.     1-0 thru 15-5   25 Any.  Materials assorted specialized to elephants. Look for activities, types of elephants, multiple elephants, mother with baby, etc. Extra points for different species on one button (African, Asian). In honor of Joy Journeay, WRBA Editor and Show Chair.   $10-6-4  Roberta Schuler

24.     1-2.1.1 + 12-7.4.1   25 Any.  Celluloid and synthetic polymers specialized to buffed. They do not need to be labeled. No studios.  Historical Button Club

25.     6-1   Various.  All black buttons specialized to those imitating fabric.  $5-3-2  Anonymous

26.     6-6.7   25 Any.  Black glass lacy like, specific to those that can be matched to a documented clear/colored lacy design. See new lacy glass book to help with design identification. Label design.  $5-3-2  Anonymous

27.     6-6.8   Small.  Black glass openwork.  $5-3-2  Anonymous

28.     7-4.1 through 7-4.15  25 Any.  Clear and colored glass, construction assorted. Read Blue Book page 41 carefully.  $15-10-5  Santa Clara Valley Button Club

29.     7-5.4.1  Mixed. Painted backs specialized to clear, colorless bodies. Look for other DFs, OMEs, pictorials and realistic.  No two-piece construction allowed in this award.  $10-6-4  Beth Schaut 

30.     7-5.5   Small.  Pearlized glass. Try for a variety of pearlized colors, button shapes, etc.  Different colors of glass are insignificant.  In honor of Jane Johnson, our glass queen. $5-3-2  Anonymous

31.    7-6.6  25 Any.  Two-piece cemented. Extra points for labeled Division I , shanks, OMEs and DFs. Look for pictorials, colors, shapes, intermixed, flashed, colored back piece and realistic.   $10-6-4  Beth Schaut 

32.     7-7.7  30 Any.  Twelve lacy glass and twelve Victorian glass, plus six free choice of either type. Please label things like the lacy glass color if not clear/colorless, and rare/unusual to help the judges. In honor of Jane Johnson.  $15-10-5  Ronnie Wexler

33.     9-0  Various.  Horn specialized to five processed, five unprocessed, five mechanical makeup, five working methods, and five mounted in metal and/or with metal OME. $25-15-10  Harriett Brittenham and Sue Jordan

34.     9-0    25 Any.  Horn assorted. Best assortment. No studios. In honor of Joan Lindsay. Reference NBS supplement December 2018 NBB, Horn and Hoof Buttons—Natural Beauties by Joan Lindsay. $10-7-3  Idaho State Button Society

35.     10-13.5   Small.  Twinkles, including twinkle borders. Try for a broad range of patterns, pictorial sections, and original tint colors & tint color combinations. $5-3-2  Anonymous

36.     11-4.2  Small. Pearls with gilt. In honor of our golden, petite and precious Barbara Barrans.  $10-6-4  Anonymous

37.     16-4  Small.  Materials summary. Best assortment with at least two and not over six classes included from each section (except 3). Label and mount in class order. In honor of Barbara Barrans who tirelessly helps us understand buttons.  $10-6-4  The WRBA Board

38.     17-0 to 20-24.  Small.  Specialized to wood background buttons. Focus is on the broadest range of pictorial subjects covered.  $5-3-2  Anonymous

39.     17-3  Various. Materials specialized to fish. Limit of one studio.  $20-10-5  Renée Comeau

40.     17-4.2  Medium/large.  Crustaceans, assorted materials. Limited to five realistics.  $10-6-4  Barb Johnson

41.     17-4.4 + 18-10  25 Any. Specialized to types of shells, shell shapes, uninhabited or inhabited. Assorted materials are equally as important as depicted shell types. Only one studio allowed. Two real sea shells allowed. Focus is on types of shells and materials. Label the shell type depicted if known to help the judges.  $10-7-3  Simone Kincaid

42.     17-5.4  25 Any.  “Pick a Pooch.” Dogs specialized to one breed (i.e., Scottie, hound, poodle, etc.) In honor of Jackson Schwenk. $10-7-3  Judy Schwenk

43.     19-2  20 Any.  Limited to flowers found on vines, trees, shrubs and cactus. At least one of each. Label the flower.  $15-10-5  Washington State Button Society

44.     20-6 + 22-12.3  Various. Twelve cupids/cherubs and twelve hearts plus one free choice. Limit of one studio.  $20-10-5  Renée Comeau

45.     20-8  25 Any.  Fabulous creatures of all kinds—not just dragons. See page 58 of the Blue Book. $10-7-3  Judy Schwenk

46.     22-1 & 22-2  20 Any. Assorted materials specialized to ten patterns and ten symbols. Label each representation. Five point limit on OME. Three points per material.  $10-6-4   Gil Biggie

47.     23-8  15 Matching pairs of small and medium. Assorted materials. Division II allowed. $10-6-4  Arizona State Button Society

48.     23-10.1.1   Small.  Balls including modified.  $5-3-2  Anonymous

49.     23-12  30 Any. Assorted materials specialized to designs and pictorials: Ten art nouveau, ten arts and crafts, and ten art deco. Mount styles together. Need not be made in the art style’s time period, but the design should be clearly identifiable as such (i.e., 1950s glass made in the art deco style). Three points per material. $10-6-4  Gil Biggie

50.     23-12. 25 Any. Specific types unlisted specialized to assorted materials that represent textile and related terms. See WRBA Territorial News, Feb. 2018 for suggestions. Bonus point for representation of Pendleton wool. Verbal labels required. Dedicated to Dorothy Krugner for sharing her unique perspective with members of the Oregon City Button Club.  $10-7-3  Oregon City Button Club

51.     25-  Medium.  Crests, specialized to animals, corresponding to Section 17.  $10-7-3  Judy Schwenk


52.     Ten of your favorite buttons, with a written explanation telling why each is a favorite. Button prize to each entry. Joy Journeay

53      “Bloom Where You Are Planted” creative mounting to illustrate the show theme.  Button prize to each entry. Joy Journeay

54.     “It’s Almost Thanksgiving” creative mounting in anticipation of the holiday, and in thanksgiving for our button family! $5-3-2  Anon.

55.     Buttons that imitate fabric or needlework, with a sample of what they imitate. In honor or Dorothy Krugner’s research. $5-3-2 Anon.

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