Button Societies and Clubs

National Button Society   www.nationalbuttonsociety.org
Right from its beginning the National Button Society has emphasized the preservation and study of clothing buttons. The National Button Society now has more than 3,000 members on four continents, with 39 of the 50 states represented by state and local button clubs. Membership in the National Button Society is open to individuals and organizations who collect buttons and who wish to support the objectives of the NBS. Principal among those objectives are the promotion of educational research and exhibitions, the publishing and dissemination of information about buttons, and the preservation of the aesthetic and historical significance of buttons for future generations.

California State Button Society    www.cabutton.org
The CSBS was established in 1941 for those interested in collecting and learning about buttons.  Twelve local clubs meet at locations throughout the state.

Colorado State Button Society   www.coloradobuttons.com
The object of this organization is to further the understanding of the historic and artistic significance of buttons through study, preservation, education, archiving and dissemination of information related to buttons and button collecting.  Dissemination of information to members and the general public will be through publications, conferences, a library, and educational programs.
Since 1968 Society members have collected, studied and enjoyed buttons. There is an annual Spring Button Show which is open to the public for a small fee, and provides the chance to purchase unique, modern and antique buttons from dealers.

Idaho State Button Society
We are a button collecting society that researches and preserves the history of garment buttons.

Oregon State Button Society   www.oregonbuttonsociety.org
The Oregon State Button Society was established in 1948 to advance the hobby of button collecting and help preserve these beautiful pieces of art. Membership privileges include eligibility to join in competition at annual state button shows, attend educational workshops, and three newsletters per year.  Seven local clubs also meet regularly for camaraderie and study.

Washington State Button Society   www.washingtonstatebuttonsociety.org
The WSBS meets three times a year for education and social events, and each September holds an annual button show and sale. Visitors are welcome at all meetings and the annual show, and new members are very welcome.  Annual memberships run from January to December and members receive four copies of the bulletin each year and may participate in the annual competition.

Button Country       www.buttoncountry.com
Button Country incorporates several types of resources to help beginners and novices identify and appreciate their buttons. Links take website visitors to specific examples of these resources. Our Button Gallery contains more than 6000 images of buttons and button related specialties that visually illustrate the National Button Society (NBS) Classification System.  The NBS Classification System is organized in easy-to-follow outline form.  The system classifies buttons according to age, use, materials and pictorial subjects.

ButtonBytes      https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/buttonbytes
The On-Line Button Club!  Buttonbytes is an online, all-the-time button club for those who are not fortunate enough to live near or get to an in-person club, as well as those who are regular club members.  The only requirement to join is a love of buttons and a computer.