Monthly Archives: February 2016

  • Introduction to Button Competition

    Button collecting is an old hobby.  Collectors accumulated knowledge about buttons through playing competition.   Awards & Displays Writing Competition Awards Awards Sponsorship Form  

  • about button collecting

    Buttons are far more than merely a mundane fastening device.  Button collectors often refer to them as “art in miniature.”  Of course there are many utilitarian buttons to be sure, but…[read more] White salt overlay of a bird on black glass with painted floral spray black glass, salt overlay, l9th century  

  • WRBA Button Album

    WRBA Button Album is an ongoing educational project.   WRBA members are encouraged to send comments to the editors towards better description/categorization of  buttons appearing in this album.  


    The following is a checklist of items to include/exclude (and think about) for a competitive list of awards. Listed items are meant to be a guideline for both competitors as well as judges. [more]