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    (Division VI) is designed for collectors to display buttons for the pure joy of it. We invite all of you to share your favorite buttons for their artistic beauty, education, or both. [read more]


    That said, I would like to encourage judges to extend BOD (benefit of the doubt) whenever possible. Entrants would rather have a comment made about “poor choice, or have credit deducted from their tray, rather than be eliminated altogether. [read more]


    4) Leave out any buttons that may raise questions in your own mind. Focus is the key to determining button classification. Remember the old adage “when in doubt, leave it out.”  [read more]


    2) If an award is written ambiguously, ask questions or simply don’t enter. 3) Label your tray whenever you use a button that is not completely obvious as to why you chose it. This guides the judges on your thinking.  [read more]

  • WRBA 2017 Awards List

    2017 Awards are now published in the February WRBA newsletter. Click to view the full list. WRBA members are eligible to participate in the competition at the 2017 WRBA Convention in Reno, Nevada.


    1) Read the award carefully, paying special attention to class number(s) listed, division, number and size. Read the glossary for these classes to gather additional information. Check and double check your tray, especially if you have made any last minute changes.  [read more]


    by Barb Barrans … As hard as we try to construct a classification to eliminate confusion and controversy, we find that the judging process will always involve some measure of interpretation. Here are some thoughts on how to avoid unpleasant judging experiences.  [read more]

  • a good day to start WRBA

    Become a WRBA member today and ring in the year filled with button fun. We will learn together.  Our membership year is from January 1 to December 31, so today is a good day for you to join. If you are curious about what we do at WRBA, but was hesitant to become a WRBA member […]