• Letter “V” with Morse Code

    Dot dot dot dash is the rhythm of Beethoven’s 5th symphony.

    {\clef treble \key c \minor \tempo "Allegro con brio" 2=108 \time 2/4 {r8 g'\ff[ g' g'] | ees'2\fermata | r8 f'[ f' f'] | d'2~ | d'\fermata | } }






    But in Morse code, it’s the letter “V” for victory.

    Synonymous with “Victory” throughout the years of the World War II, the “V” was a common motif on jewelry and buttons, sometimes in combination with the dots and dashes.

    “About Buttons” by Peggy Ann Osborne (p. 207)

    Metalized cellulose acetate.

    Contributor: Gil Biggie

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