• Wood, School Uniform, WWII Japan

    Cherry blossom is a classic symbol of Japanese elementary school uniform buttons.

    The photos of Japanese national school uniform (国民学校の学童服) in ramie fabric material, circa 1941-1947 with the wood buttons, is kindly shared by the Shishu Center of War-Time Historical Records (信州戦争資料センター) .

    During WWII, when scrap metal was in short supply, buttons were made with materials such as wood or ceramic.

    National School Uniform, 1941-1945

    National School Uniform, 1941-1945, copyright 信州戦争資料センター. All rights reserved. 

    Close up with buttons, National School Uniform, 1941-1945, Copyright 信州戦争資料センター. All rights reserved. 



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