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Aerogramme Dec. ’23: Mother of Pearl

As we step into December, let’s revisit the history of the Bethlehem Pearl buttons. These hand-carved mother-of-pearl buttons were first mentioned in a 1947 article by Just Buttons magazine under the name ‘Palestine Pearls.’ In 1959, 59 Bible-themed designs, marketed as ‘From the Holy Land,’ were made available for sale.

Aerogramme Nov. ’23: Colours & Buttons

The ‘CHINA’ and Imperial Chinese Dragon motif came from the 55th (Westmorland) Regiment of Foot who gained the Battle Honour ‘CHINA’ for action in the First Opium War (1841). The war started when China said “no” to the British traders profiting from selling opium causing harm to the local population.

Aerogramme Oct. ’23: Mileposts

As a spider spins his silk into a web outside, we look closely at our web of history inter-woven with invisible silky threads, connecting our journeys’ mileposts. In this Aerogramme, a button posted by Susan Goodwin is our point of connection. European exploration of sub-Saharan Africa is known to have started with the Age of Discovery in the 15th century.

Aerogramme Sep. ’23: Lalla Rookh

The button we know as Lalla Rookh (Page 709, #19, in the 2-volume Big Book of Buttons) is a one-piece stamped brass button. In the BBB it is described as “Fairly common, but a lovely design nevertheless.” It shows a beautiful princess in profile with fine detail in her jewelry and she is framed by a border of stylized feathers.

Aerogramme Aug. ’23: Divine Sarah

She was a gorgeous redhead, reputed to sleep in a coffin, a sculptor, a painter and owner of multiple theaters, she was known to all as the “Divine Sarah”.

Born illegitimately to a Jewish French courtesan, Sarah Bernhardt was THE dramatic stage actress of her lifetime, 1844 to 1923.  Known particularly for her golden voice and ability to move an audience, no one could forget the poignancy she evoked particularly in her death scenes.  She was the original Camille.

Aerogramme July. ’23: Royal Cypher

As a nod of appreciation to the contributors on Facebook and on stamp collectors message board who graciously allowed sharing, much of this button story is viewable to the public with credits and links to their discussions.

Aerogramme June. ’23: Transparent

I found the button through the Wild Wednesday sale on Button Bytes a few months ago. I was intrigued – how would it adorn a dress? Become a WRBA member and visit our website.

Aerogramme March ’23: Coin Buttons

This month’s WRBA Button Aerogramme features a set of buttons in honor of, and in anticipation of the upcoming program on coin buttons by Matthew Brown hosted by NBS on Sunday 3/19 at 12:30 Pacific.

Made into buttons and found at an antique store in Iowa in the fall of 2022, the 6-kreuzer coins are dated from 1806-1825. Who was Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria depicted here?

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