• Encrusted Enamel Paint on Glass on Metal, Iris

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    I often have breathtaking moments when I see a treasure in one of my drawers – because I have them from my grandmother – but it is rare when experts have such an Aha! moment.

    -Barbara Fox of New Jersey State Button Society

    “Is this button ceramic or enamel?” was the question Barbara asked during Susan Vincenzes’ Zoom presentation on ceramics.

    Button expert Sheila Brudno identified the green-blue material to be glass, by observing the sharp edges of the small chips visible at the 9 o’clock position, enlarged below. Elaine Cossman and Deb C. Agree.

    The encrusted white enamel paint of the iris is reminiscent of the “Mary Gregory” or “painted cameo” decoration on glass, although Mary Gregory’s style uses thinner paint than shown in this example.

    A white enamel paint of finely ground glass mixed in the binding medium was applied and fired on.  Karen Cohen, an enamel artist, informs us that the modern version is known as MUD, or as Liquid Stringer Medium for a comparison reference.

    See also: Mary Gregory Style Button by Geri Peck

    Tiny chip at 9 o’clock

    This photo shows the smooth glass surface reflecting light.

    photo by Jim Collins

    Photo by Jim Collins


    Margot Clark demonstrating painting with MUD

    Contributors: Sheila Brudno, Elaine Cossman, Barbara Fox, Gil Biggie, Jocelyn Howells.
    Written by Mika Jarmusz

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