• Willamette Bridge Railway Co., Portland Oregon

    Willamette Bridge Railway, incorporated in 1887, was a narrow gauge system that connected east and west sides of Portland across the Steele Bridge built in 1888 (Wikipedia) over the Willamette River. It was the first electric line in Portland, initially operating horse-drawn streetcars (Wikipedia). The W.B. Ry. Co. system was merged with the Transcontinental system to form the City & Suburban Railway Company in 1891 (RailsWest.com).

    W.B. Ry. Co. also used steam power (The Oregon Historical Society) before its electric rail network was completed. See operators of the electric trolley car No. 20 in Nov. 1889 below, wearing the uniform featuring buttons.

    Photo Courtesy Richard Thompson, Oregon Encyclopedia

    Steele Bridge, Portland Oregon

    Steele Bridge, Portland Oregon (photo courtesy of Cacophony)

    Horsecars on the Willamette Bridge Railway. Photo courtesy of Oregon Historical Society.

    Willamette Bridge Railway Co. back

    Willamette Bridge Railway Co. backview

    Willamette Bridge Railway Co.

    Willamette Bridge Railway Co. angled back view

    Willamette Bridge Railway Co.

    More information on this railway is found at: “Willamette Bridge Railway” on the Pacific Coast Narrow Gauge site, “Oregon Electric Railway” on the Oregon Encyclopedia site, among others.

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